Looking at Photographs

Copyright (the amazing) Judith Joy Ross

Advertising, billboards, tv, movies....controlling, affecting, influencing, shaping. The Internet. Flicker. Blogs, blogs, blogs.... (The Year In Pictures) Mind*blowing access to seemingly infinite imagery. I can't seem to get enough. I can't stop staring.

What would Rembrandt have done if he had access to the internet?

Is this the time that our eyes have been waiting for? Are our intellects keeping up? Are our hands ready? It's time to CREATE! It's time to TAKE ACTION! What are we waiting for? Where is the ART?

Or, am I visually over-stimulated? Shall I close my eyes? Try to glimpse what lies in shadow or in glaring light? What can my heart see that my mind cannot assess?



I mostly patient. It was such a tease. Since December, I walked by the IBM building hoping that the famed Obika Mozzarella Bar would "open soon" as it promised. No such luck. I could have had fresh mozzarella every day I was at work.

Now, it is open. Damn.


So dreamy!



I would like to have a meal in a field. I know, it's pretentious.


Much like Marie Antoinette dressing up like a shepherdess.



Today, I am going to start saving money on groceries.

Motivation and I have an on-again-off-again relationship.


Inquiring minds want to know

I like your style, Lord Whimsy.


{ blue }


20 years ago. I was ten. I think this was the summer my family moved from Aurora, IL (infamous home of Wayne & Garth of Wayne's World) to Wheaton, IL.

10 years ago. My family moved from Wheaton, IL to Roanoke, VA the summer between my Sophomore & Junior years of college. I moved out of the dorms & into a small living unit on campus.
5 years ago. I had moved to NYC in January. August 14, 2003 was the date of the Great Blackout. I was fortunately away on vacation visiting my parents & watched the whole event on TV. Once again, the people of the City of New York proved to be amazing adapters.

3 years ago. I managed to fulfill the dreams of the sixth-grade me and went to Paris.

1 year ago. I got married in May to the dearest man. I love him more than anything in the whole wide world. More than bed, more than the color red.

So far this year. I quit my job. Had a spring fling with NYC. Moved to St. Louis, MO.

Yesterday. I explored Ladue, MO. Talked flowers and fabric. Dreamed of all that is to come.

Today. It's a rainy day. I think I may curl up and snuggle with the cat.


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