Cafe Osage - Bowood Farms

I was going to write about the most terrible Chinese food in St. Louis (Yen Ching) & how I paid a fortune for it by having it slowly delivered by 569 Dine. I don't expect much from Chinese food but, come on, even the man whose motto is "eat it up" wouldn't eat it. (Ok, I wrote about it anyway.)

Fortunately, I found Cafe Osage at Bowood Farms Nursery on Olive. Tucked inside a lovely garden shop & nursery is a charming cafe open about two weeks.
Although the place was bustling, I was attentively served at the bar by both waitresses & had a pleasant chat with the chef & manager. My farm-fresh, open-faced egg salad sandwich was divine. I can't wait to try their breakfast menu! Hmmm, french toast....


Blogger Tyler said...

thanks for the comment on my blog today and welcome to st. lou'. huge apologies for the yen ching ordeal. we actually do have some good chinese food but probably not like nyc. great thai food here! love the links on your blog. will visit again. and please do email with any st. louis questions -- glad to have an interesting new soul in town.

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